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Blow the Boss!
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Down and Dirty!
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Lick, Suck, Swallow
WARNING! This Story is not for the Faint Hearted. Prepare for some extreme Gay Phone Sex that will push your Boundaries to the limits of Sexual Perversion! Prepare Yourself Now!
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I Shagged A Gay Boy 18+ In Front Of Me Homophobic Mates
Horny Gay Fucking in this Story of Sexual Depravity! Listen as you Wank yourself Silly to these Gay Boys with a thirst for hot sticky Cum!
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I Shagged A Gay Boy 18+ In Front Of Me Homophobic Mates
This Hungry Homo starts a Filthy Fuck Fest which Leads to all kinds of Dirty Sex! Lay Back, Dial the Number and begin a wanking experience you'll never forget!
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Pale Skinny Goth's Black Painted Lips Go Up & Down On Scally's cock

This Gay Fetish story features a dirty goth's encounter with an equally filthy Scally Lad. He can't resist he's beautifully painted black lips sliding and soothing his increasingly hard cock until he spunks his load deep down his throat. He craves cum and can't get enough of that cum coating his throat!

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Assistant At Marks & Sparks Helped Me Try Me Undies On!

This Gay Phone Sex story begins in the changing rooms when this assistant helped me try my underpants on. I love Risky sex and we got up to some Filthy Fucking in there with each other, Sucking, Rimming and Wanking each other off till we squirted our love juices all over the place.

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Small Swimmin' Trunks Show Root Of Boy's 18+ Dick

He watches the Boy's tight swimming trunks looking for the shape of his dick beneath them. When he decides he likes what he sees he begins his seduction and persuades the Lad to try something a little different! He Shows him the benefits of sucking Cock and taking it up the Arse!

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We Spit-Roasted Our Dumped Gay Mate!

This Scally Lads Phonesex Fetish Story will make you Cream ya Pants! Listen as this Scally Lad is consoled with a spit-roast by his mates after being Dumped! He Chokes on Dick as it's rammed down his throat and his Sphincter gets tickled by his mates purple headed wand! Very Filthy Hardcore story!

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Me & U Wiv Our Calvins Clingin' To Our Hot Boners

These Gay Hunks love to wear their hot Calvin boxers to show off their muscular fit Bods and Huge Schlongs! They begin to get very horny and build up a sweat as they Ram each others Arses, Suck each others Bell Ends and play with each other, Teasing Their Cocks until they Finally Cum!

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Bein' Well Pervey Wiv U & Me Mum's Boyfriend

Imagine It! Gay Sex Lines bringing you a Story of Perversion that Includes You! You meet up with this Guy and his Mum's Boyfriend which quickly turns into a mad sex orgy full of cum, bum and plenty of Sloppy Cock Sucking! We never new his mums boyfriend was into stuff like this but now we'll be visiting more often!

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Me New Footballer Mates Rubbed Their Sweaty Jocks In Me Face!

I Secretly love the smell of used Sweaty Jock Straps! I joined the footie team and they gave me the initiation ritual which I didn't know about! They held me down and rubbed their sweaty Jock Straps in my face. I immediately got a huge hard on and it didn't go unnoticed by anyone! Find out what Happened Next

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Me Cockhead Was Snug & Hot Wiv Me Mate's Foreskin Round 1

These Guys Love Sucking Cock so much they can't think about anything else! At every opportunity they can they'll wrap their lips around a hard veiny shaft and take that helmet deep down into their throat swallowing and savoring every drop of cum they can!

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Rogered by Room mate
This Story will Drive you Mad with Lust! Tease your Cock until you Spunk your Load with a Heightened Pleasure as you Listen to the Filthy exploits of these Gay Boys!
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Naked Boy 18+ Squats Down, Spreads Legs & Pushes Bum Out me
Tease your Senses with this Depraved Story of Sexual Desire and Perversion! These Guys will do things that you won't believe! Dirty as Fuck and Very, Very Filthy!
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At the Gay Bar
Bend Over and let this Geezer Bum your Arse till you Spunk your Milky Love Juice Harder than Ever. Enter a Fantasy World with this Hardcore Explicit Story.
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Army Guys in Action
Lottsa Arse, Lottsa Cock and Lottsa Spunk in this story of Bumming and Cumming! Sucking and Fucking and General Filthy Action!
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Scallies Fuck While Neighbours Bang On The Wall
Begin your Fantasy here with this tale of Debauchery! No Need to Talk, just Listen to the Story as you Wank yourself into Oblivion Releasing all your Pent up Tensions!
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Ross & The Barman
Hardcore Story for the Guy who wants more Filth than he Bargained for. If you want something a little bit special then this is the one for you. Total Filth!
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I Got Pissed & Told Me Gay Mate I Luv Him
Wank your Cock over these Lads! Listen as they bring you to Climax, Teasing your Stiff Member to the Limit, Keeping you on the Border of Pleasure until you can't take any more!
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Oral Revelations
What Starts off Innocent Quickly Escalates into a Raving Sex Session full of Cum, Arse and Cock! These Horny Gays just Love Fucking and can't get Enough!
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Jacks 1st Fuck
Cocks, Spunk and Arses are What you Want and that's What you'll get with this story! Rub yourself Hard to these Dirty Bastards getting Filthy!
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