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In the Public Shower!
Horny Gay Fucking in this Story of Sexual Depravity! Listen as you Wank yourself Silly to these Gay Boys with a thirst for hot sticky Cum!
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Rough Sex
This Hungry Homo starts a Filthy Fuck Fest which Leads to all kinds of Dirty Sex! Lay Back, Dial the Number and begin a wanking experience you'll never forget!
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I Wasn’t Into Cock Till I Met Me New Girlfriend’s Twin Bruv!
This story will blow your mind and your load! Take yourself to the limits of gay pleasure with this perverse tale of Sucking and Fucking! Loads of Cum 'n' Loads of Bum!
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Hot Dicks In Boys' 18+ Shorts
WARNING! This Story is not for the Faint Hearted. Prepare for some extreme Gay Phone Sex that will push your Boundaries to the limits of Sexual Perversion! Prepare Yourself Now!
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White Cotton Y-Fronts Stretched Tight Over Our Hot Dicks
Curious or Out and Out Gay, whatever your Sexuality, this story will bring you slowly towards an Intense Climax which will leave your Balls Drained but Hungry for Cock!
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Straight Mates Get Horny In Their Snug Little Boxers

These Fit and muscular Gay Hunks don't know they're Gay until they see each other in their tight little boxers! They can't help themselves as they admire each others toned bodies and end up bumming each other and sucking each others cocks dry until they've emptied each others balls!

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I Made A Solo Porno

I've always wanted to film myself ramming my huge dildo up my arse and wanking my huge throbbing Cock! I get the chance and grab it with both Hands!It turns me on so much to know someone will be watching me pleasure myself Like that! Listen to the Filth I get up to on this shoot!

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Me Straight Mate Got Pissed
and Let Me Suck Him Off!

This Guy always wanted to suck his mate off but it took a night out on the piss for it to happen! Alcohol fueled, this Gay Phone Sex story tells of a guy who gets his wicked way with his drunken friend and sucks every last drop of the warm sticky cum which he has craved for so long! He Finally gets to taste it!

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At the Gym!

Gay Hunk meets Scally Lads Phonesex in this tale of Hot Animalistic Fucking at the local Gym. Things get Hot and Sweaty and the Testosterone is rising as these two work out! An Encounter in the Changing Rooms leads to a filthy sex session that ends in floods of Cum and a Workout to beat all others!

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Straight Guy Converts!

This Guy has been a little curious for a while and eventually gives it a go! He's tried the Gay Sex Lines before but now he wants to try it for real! Hear him Suck and Fuck as he finally cums out the closet with conviction! He can't believe how good it feels and wonders why he never did it before!

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Hot Cocks In Cold Showers!

Lots and lots of Hot Cocks! If you've got a Gay Fetish for Hunky Wet Cocks in Showers then this is the story for you! Lay back, unzip and fulfil your desires to this Filthy story of Pure Homosexual Lust between lots of blokes in the showers all eager for a taste of that Salty Man Milk!

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Jackin’ Cocks Under The Jacuzzi Bubbles!

Regular trips to the Jacuzzi and Steam Rooms allow these guys to get comfortable with each other and soon things start hotting up. Hands stray under the Bubbles and they begin to tease each others growing Cocks bringing each other the Ultimate Pleasure until they spunk their load in the Warm Water!

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Real 'Hard' Work

These Boys Work Hard and Need to Unwind at the end of the Day. They Release their Tensions using every Trick in the Book! Using their tongues with expert Precision they tease their Cocks to the edge of climax, holding back the pleasure to the last second giving the other the most pleasure possible!

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Bare Back Fuck Fest
Lottsa Arse, Lottsa Cock and Lottsa Spunk in this story of Bumming and Cumming! Sucking and Fucking and General Filthy Action!
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Going in Deep
What Starts off Innocent Quickly Escalates into a Raving Sex Session full of Cum, Arse and Cock! These Horny Gays just Love Fucking and can't get Enough!
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Master and Slave
Begin your Fantasy here with this tale of Debauchery! No Need to Talk, just Listen to the Story as you Wank yourself into Oblivion Releasing all your Pent up Tensions!
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Gary's Confession
Bend Over and let this Geezer Bum your Arse till you Spunk your Milky Love Juice Harder than Ever. Enter a Fantasy World with this Hardcore Explicit Story.
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Cock Sucking Clergy
Hardcore Story for the Guy who wants more Filth than he Bargained for. If you want something a little bit special then this is the one for you. Total Filth!
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Scally Gets Naked For Horny Bus Driver
Cocks, Spunk and Arses are What you Want and that's What you'll get with this story! Rub yourself Hard to these Dirty Bastards getting Filthy!
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Boys 18+ Have Good Naked Cock Fun For Old Time's Sake
Tease your Senses with this Depraved Story of Sexual Desire and Perversion! These Guys will do things that you won't believe! Dirty as Fuck and Very, Very Filthy!
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Suck Me Now
This Story will Drive you Mad with Lust! Tease your Cock until you Spunk your Load with a Heightened Pleasure as you Listen to the Filthy exploits of these Gay Boys!
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Legally Laid at Last
Wank your Cock over these Lads! Listen as they bring you to Climax, Teasing your Stiff Member to the Limit, Keeping you on the Border of Pleasure until you can't take any more!
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